Mallory Dyer
ShowMe is an amazing tool to use not only for lectures in my classroom but also for my hybrid and online classes. I love being able to use various colors to help the visual learners and keep my students attention. I also like that I can graph and pull in pictures. The best part about it, is that it records the entire thing- making it easy for students to go back and watch.
Matt Evans
The students really appreciate having access to review materials generated by me based on our lectures and assignments, and ShowMe has the tools to make this easy and for me look like a professional.
Leslie Stevens
ShowMe helps me provide extra help and reinforcement of math concepts for students to use at home. I also use this great tool to communicate information to parents, provide tutorials on education technology, tutor individual students, enhance lessons with visuals, and provide independent study and challenging enrichment tasks for students.
Patrick Drake
ShowMe has been invaluable to my teaching methods to help students who may need just that extra little nugget of information in the form of a video from myself or from any of the other wonderful contributors.
Stacey Pearson
I flip my classroom and have found ShowMe to be invaluable. I can make videos at home in my pajamas to be used the next day! The feature I have the most fun with is image search on the web. A nugget of wisdom to share with new members would be to duplicate your slides before recording that way if you need to rerecord the entire video you don't have to create the slides from scratch.
Mike Poliquin
I am using ShowMe to create videos for flipped math classrooms. I have always liked the core product, but now that I am exporting the videos so that I can add other features, I especially appreciate how well it works with other applications for the flipped classroom. If you're just getting started using video content to reach more of your students more often, ShowMe is a terrific place to launch.
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